Monday, December 19, 2011

Miss me??

Just thought I would stop in and let you guys know that I am still around and I WILL be getting back to all your letters. Life has been a little hectic. Other news - I have moved to tumblr! I will still keep this blog up and I will post ocassionally and HOPEFULLY I can find a way to link this to tumblr (I am still new at it).

Hope everyone has been having happy holidays!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello Again!

Ok so yes I know. It's been awhile since I have posted. Just been really busy!

Let's see, first things first - I made my quota of 31 mailings by the time I turn 31!! So thank you to EVERYONE that sent me something! I really appreciate it.

With that said, I have a huge stack of mail to go through and respond to!

Oh, and for my birthday - my husband bought me a Kindle! So, I have been absorbed into it. I love it so much. At first, I wasn't sure how I would like it. I mean - I LOVE the feel of a book in my hand. I LOVE the smell of books...but I LOVE this Kindle too.

Well, I really just wanted to check in - I'm going to get started on returning those letters.

Talk to you guys soon!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friday/Saturday Give Away

Ok here we go guys and gals!

I was at Target and found a "cute little something" that I thought would be great as a giveaway. I was going to post them as a give-a-way when I got off work yesterday...but my sister-in-law was taken by ambulance to Houston, TX and I was unable to get to it. She is still feeling bad and after all the test she had to go through, they still can't determine what's causing her illness. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers please.

For the give-a-way, I know what all of us could use is MORE stationary. :o) SO HERE IT IS!! For the first three people that post a comment on THIS post (any comment, as long as it isn't mean) BUT be sure to include your mailing address. I will send you one of the NOTE CARD FOLIO's I picked up! So, instead of just ONE winner - there will be THREE!

They are little folders - and on one side are the blank cards and the other are the matching envelopes. There are 8 cards and envelopes. See the two pics below and get your comments posted!! I will mail them out after I have all three winners info!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Never fear - I'm still here!

I'm sorry my fellow mail lovers. I have not been posting like I should. We (my husband and I) have been trying to get a LOT of things in order around our home. It just seems like it's one thing after the other.

For instance, we just had an issue with our "new to us" vehicle repaired and then Monday night after work we for some reason decided to do a little spring cleaning in our bedroom. We went through dresser drawers and closets and cleared out a lot of things we no longer use or need. In the bottom of my closet I have a box of books I was going to take to a place called Half Price Books. Well, my husband moved the box out to see what all was in it and the bottom falls through.

We discovered we had a leak - so - low and behold it was coming from the hot water. Last night, we took VERY COLD showers b/c the local hardware store had already closed. So, he got right back on it and it works like a dream now!!

I have a lot of mail I need to get to and respond and send please don't feel like I'm ignoring you if you have sent me something. I will write you back.

I'm working a few late hours this week also - so I may not get to it until the weekend.

OH but I did find the cutest "little somethings" and I think I will have a give away on Friday.

So, keep your eyes peeled and please be patient as my home gets a lot of much needed work.

Thank you guys so much for being concerned. You are the best!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Abandonment Issues!

I have never had seperation anxiety as much as I have had this past week!

Last weekend we made a trip to Houston. We went to see Brad Paisley at the Rodeo, had one of my dogs fixed, and visited with family and friends. It was exhausting! So through Monday night I did not have access to my laptop and only posted on my facebook through my cell phone....even that was rare!

Then we came home and had to keep an eye on our beloved Hurley. So, we stayed off the computers aside from my husband setting up my laptop to play "Lost" through Netflix on our big screen. SO, of course there went my posting.

It killed me - especially since new followers have joined on. Thank you guys so much for joining by the way!

Last Wednesday (as my husband watched MORE "Lost") - I responded to all the mail I have received so be on the lookout!! Keep your eyes posted for your mail person. I mailed it all Thursday morning.

I should have taken pics! Kicking myself now.

Last August I was in an automobile accident (someone ran a stop sign), and my BABY was totaled. She was the first car I had ever paid off fully on my own - a 2002 Mercury Cougar 75th Edition). So, I had no note...well, with the settlement from the car we were able to afford another used vehicle that we love...a small SUV type vehicle...WITH NO NOTE.

Well, I still have a settlement coming for the injury side of it as well...and I have been going back in forth with the insurance company. All in all - I wanted to say I have not abandoned you - I've just been extremely busy but I back in full effect now...for the most part!

Look for more to come....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

365 Thank Yous

I came across this book while searching PaperBackSwap and thought I'd mention to you guys.

I think it will be an interesting read and sounds like a beautiful concept.

365 Thank Yous: The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life

I encourage those of you that love sending and receiving mail to try it. I don't know that I could come up with 365 people to send thank you cards to - but  I do know a few people that I could send some to. I'm sure it would make their day.

Paperback Swap

Hey guys - I just wanted to inform everyone that a while back I joined PaperBackSwap. I've never really added or requested books from it.

But as I'm doing a little "spring cleaning" I am coming to terms with having to let some of my books go. There are just too many. I have a habit of checking out discount tables at book stores and buying, buying, buying. Right now I have a stack of about 20 I need to work my way through still...and I'm being told by my DH that I am to buy no more until I start reading some of the ones I have "collected". Of course, I don't listen well....but what a great idea to post them on PaperBackSwap so that someone else can enjoy them AND I can receive credits for new ones. :o)

Here is my profile page if any of you are interested with a list of what I have to offer so far:

(Please note, my address on PaperBackSwap is incorrect. I have to wait for the site admins to change it.)

Order the book (it's free of course - as long as you have credits) and I'll send it out right away.

Just another easy way to get some snail mail. Once you get the books, they are yours to keep. Check it out.

Happy Saturday!

Well, another semi-slow weekend...I have a couple of tutus to finish, more mail to write, and dogs to bathe. :o)

I finished making one tutu that was ordered for the Dallas Lady Gaga concert. Check it out:

Beautiful...I love it. I think I get attached to each one I make.

On another note....TWO more followers!! A BIG thanks for stopping by to Martha Miller and AndyTGeezer. So glad to have you both here.

And just for fun....I thought I'd post pics of my babies...

This is Buddy - our "first born" lol. He's a yorkie and was born 2/8/2006. This is after a REALLY short cut from my husband.

This is Hurley - our second yorkie. Also with a short cut from my husband. We actually found someone giving him away online...and we fell in love. He is about 2 yrs younger than Buddy, but we don't have the exact date.

This is Wicket, our shih-tzu and our baby. We found him as a stray on our old street in Houston @ the end of January 2010. When we found him - it had been raining and cold and he had been on the street for a few days. His hair was very matted and he was very skinny. We took him to the vet and was told he was healthy except for being on low on the weight scale, and we were told he was about 6 months old.

This is Ginger, acts like a dog...fetches and everything! She loves being outside and stays out till dark.
She loves hiding in the shadows and jumping out at the dogs as they run by. She ALSO wakes me up every morning at least 5 minutes before the alarm goes off.

So there you go, a small piece of my world. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Incoming 3.10.2011

You guys are making it hard to keep up!! But I LOVE it!

Here's my beautiful mail from today!

LOVE the McDonald's bag as an envelope....I have some creative blog followers. Thank you for the envelopes, Just Letter Rip. Just amazing!

And look at that adorable face on that return mailing address label! So cute!

That brings me up to 11 for my 31 goal!

I love it and I need to get back to writing....I've got so much to go out! I'm sorry my posts aren't THAT exciting lately...I've been having to work double time at co-worker is out and where normally I would handle 3 nurses I'm handling 6! Talk about a lot of paperwork...I am drained!!

I'm off to read of few of you gals blogs and then I'm back to letter writing!

Keep that ink flowing!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Incoming 3/8/2011

Picture of today's incoming mail!!!

Another good day right!? We are up to NINE!

I received another postcard from FastEyes....I love them. I think they are collectibles all on their own.

Oh and the black and white envelope from Patricia - my husband asked me if you did all those lines by hand...ha-ha. Even more funny is the fact that I had to take a double look. :o)

Thanks for the great mail...I'd like to feature each letter in their own posts....but I'm not sure how you guys would feel about that. It's kind of like giving a spoiler to another letter writer. I don't want anyone zooming in on the pic to get some info that you might want to share with them in a letter all on their own.

Let me know what you guys think.

Incoming 3/7/2011

Ok so here is the pic of the mail from Monday!!

Nice right!?! Love it!

That puts me up to 7 mailings in the "Birthday Wish" category! You guys are the best...I truly appreciate all the mail that I have been getting. Just a couple more posts and I can start writing back and answering your letters!

I am so ashamed!

I missed a post....yesterday 3.7.2011!! I am so very sorry....I even had some good mail. I'll get to that in my next few posts. Actually....I will post it all in one I think. No, no...multiple. (Can you tell I have a time making up my mind?)

Ok so first off - we have TWO new followers!! I'm pretty excited about that alone!

So everyone say hello to katikatzenfreak and Choco223....they don't have a blog of their I hope they accept this as their hello:

"HELLO!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!"

And give a wonderful hello to - Yunims, she DOES have her own blog and while she is not a follower...she did take a moment to comment on my page with a beautifully romantic story. Please visit her blog and say hello.

Also received a comment from NOPOSTONSUNDAY, thank you for the advice.

You know - before I sat down to write this post, I had so much to As I go on, I'm forgetting.

I had two good mail days both yesterday and today...I really need to get it all together and write, write, write.

Ok I have two more posts in which I am going to feature my incoming be on the lookout. And - if I think of something else I'm sure I will make another post.

Write your hearts out!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Found some really great stuff this weekend. I found a few cute things at Hobby Lobby (a local craft store).

Check them out:
A "mini" office set - I love mini items!!

Here it is out of the package. The tape roll is the size of a quarter! 

Here's a small storage system - not really big enough for a lot BUT, it's the perfect size for postcards.

This is called glitter lace...self adhesive! I love it!

A really cute stationery set I found - $2.50!!

My favorite thing about Hobby Lobby is their clearance section. Anyway, I need to get some things done around the house and my husband is in the middle of working on our stove. So, I shall return later! Just wanted to share my great finds!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Never Fear!!! I am still here!

Missed a blog last night - I do apologize. My husband and I have started watching a tv series called "No Ordinary Family" and I got a little too hooked on it last night.

Still working on the system ... BUT yesterday I did get an extremely cute postcard. Thank you Felicity.

That makes number 4! I will be writing you back.

I've got two postcards going out tomorrow for a Swap-Bot postcard swap and I received an email that a pc I sent to the Philippines arrived and was registered on Postcrossing. YAY!! I love knowing that someone received my mail.

(Outgoing for 3.3.2011)

Monday, February 28, 2011

Busy As a Bee!

Evening fellow snail mail lovers!

I am exhausted - Monday's are so busy where I work, most of the time it's non-stop go go go.

Had dinner with my husband's family - and now that I am home, I just want to go to bed early. Well, early for me. I'm a night owl - or maybe I just have sleep issues. Ha-ha! Who knows!?

Let's see - I'm playing around in EXCEL trying to make a fairly easy tracking system form. But, all I can really do is think about how busy my weekend will be.

It's my sister-in-laws birthday and we have a planned poker night with much fun. We will be having steaks!! Yum....and the chef is said to have the best steaks...but I still think my dad wins that title, but we will see.

My husband wants me to make a cheesecake, now I accomplished this feat over the holidays last year and ever since then he loves when I make it.

Catch is - also over the holiday our glass oven door exploded. So, everything we have been cooking has been on stove top. I have a co-worker who is selling her old stove to us because she has bought a brand new one.

Lol - My DH has instructed me that we are too pick this "new to us" stove up on Friday - so that I will have plenty of time to bake a cheesecake for Saturday's poker night. Aren't they wonderful those DHs? I guess I should be happy that he just loves my cheesecakes so much.

Then I had two tutu order's come in on top of the two I already need to make this weekend. Yes, aside from loving snail mail - I make tutu's for a little extra cash. I placed a link on the right in case you care to look or might need one.

The only true exhausting part is having to drive about 45 minutes to the nearest town to get the colors I need.

It's really not too bad if I just plan it all right. But, I sure did love that "do nothing weekend" I just had. When can I have more of those?

Outgoing 2/28/2011

Check out the pic of tomorrow's outgoing mail!! I'm excited for them to receive my letters!!

I also - learned how to make envelopes out of paper and magazine pages. However, I'm not sure how the later will withstand the traveling.

Thanks to Missive Maven on the organization tips....I almost hate that I have to sleep so I can work tomorrow. Otherwise, I'd be working on my very own "system" TONIGHT!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

All Around the World

Ok - so BLOGSPOT has this amazing "STATS" page that amazes me.

I clicked on it today and it is a section that shows where your views are coming from...THAT is amazing.

Can you believe that I have viewers from the US, UK, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Croatia, Philippines, and Malaysia!!??!! All in about a weeks time!

So, I just want to take a moment to say, "Hello" to everyone all around the world....and thanks for stopping by to my little corner of it. Wow!

I'd also like to take this time to mention a special hello to all my followers/comment posters/silent viewers - I appreciate you. I will be sending you all a little something!

Wanda D - has a SENDSOMETHING profile...check it out and well - send her something.

Marina - has her own blog. Check it out. I'm not sure I could go 365 days without sweets. She's a snail mail lover too - send her something....just no sweets! Ha-ha!

Felicity - has her own blog, I'm a follower you should be too! Beautiful artwork too!

Patty Davidson - also has her own blog, loves snail mail! Really nice.

Kimberly - has her own blog and a mail swap starting in March!

Speck - has blogs of her own, check them out here.

Indiana - commented on one of my posts - but not sure how to get your address to send you something - email me!

Karen Cameron - seems to be new to the blog world or just doesn't have her own yet, but she's still awesome. Would love to send something her way too! Email me.

Please check out their sites - click their names to view them. They would all love to receive any mail - and I'm sure they would love to send you something in return.

And - if any of my followers would rather not be linked here - let me know, it won't hurt my feelings...I promise. :o)

See you all later!!

Question for All My Snail Mail Bloggers

I really need to get a system down for keeping track of incoming/outgoing mail.

Any suggestions? Do you track yours? Or how do you keep it all straight?

Here's another question...if you make your own postcards - do you print them out from home? Or do you print them from an online site? And if so - which do you suggest? And if you print them - what kind of paper or photo paper do you print them on?

I was playing around with my Adobe Photoshop Program last night and while I don't use it that often - I did manage to create a 4x6 postcard and I love it....I just don't have a printing option as my printer is not up and running. I'm not even sure it works anymore. :o)

Anyway, get back to me. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thanks!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two and Three

I got it! I got it! Some very fun snail mail today!

TWO postcards - one from Fast Eyes and the other from Ms. Laura Eilers, both from SENDSOMETHING!!

The one on the left is from Fast Eyes. Beautiful and I'm assuming she made it. The one on the right, equally as awesome - is from Ms. Laura Eilers. Both put my handwriting to shame. I love them both...and I will be sending something their way!

Fellow followers - if you want, click on their names above to check out their profiles and send something their way.

Thank you two!

A watched mailbox....

The anticipation is driving me nuts! Ha-Ha.

I guess it's like they say, "A watched pot never boils."

In my case, it is "A watched mailbox never gets filled."

Only a few more hours for the mail person to be here - in the meantime I will surf!

Friday, February 25, 2011

TGIF - but how nerdy are we?

Here is it Friday!! The day I have been longing for. It's 9:09 pm here and how nerdy are my husband I???

Instead of out living it up on a Friday we sit in our bedroom...I've got my laptop and I'm blogging. What's he doing you ask - playing the newest Assassin's Creed on his PS3. WOOT! Way to to paint the town RED. Ha-ha.

You know what though, I wouldn't want it any other way. I am grateful for a king size bed though. It fits our WHOLE, him, Buddy, Hurley, Wicket (our three dogs), Cali (our sort of adopted cat), and Ginger (our cat).

Lots of snuggles and feet warming going on. It's a good thing too b/c it's about 53 degrees here....a chilly night for us Texans.

Moving fun snail mail today...good news...I was mentioned on another blog AND a couple of people received MY mail today!! So exciting!!

One being Misty Davis of The Pen Thief - thanks so much Misty, I really enjoy your blog and it was quite a treat to see my postcard pictured. Love the Amelia story. Thanks for trying to help me reach my goal.

I really don't have any plans for tomorrow....after the last two weeks - I plan on doing nothing but relaxing. I'll give the dogs a bath, do a little light cleaning/laundry and definitely some more snail mail writing. I really need to invest in some stationery. :o)

Signing out now to stalk some blogs and do a little writing.

*crosses fingers that tomorrow is a good mail day*

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another day...

Been super busy @ work - so glad tomorrow is Friday.

Had some issues with the laptop and I fixed it! :o)

Nothing super special going on ... about to find the time to write another letter to send tomorrow morning.

I am so tired ... need sleep ... must write.

Now off to blog surfing...see ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dancing again today!

Hey all my wonderful followers! All THREE of you!! I'm so excited just to have one more. Welcome to the blog Sammie - I hope you enjoy it!

Ok tonight's post will be quite short! I am going to try and stick with this and post EVERY day. BUT I do have to be up extra early for work tomorrow and I want to put in some time writing.

I am working on letters to TWO people from SENDSOMETHING tonight.

Sybelle Darling and Larissa Handeland be on the look-out.

I haven't received my first piece of mail yet - well not from any new pen pals...HOWEVER a few days before I started Project Number 1 - I did receive a postcard in the mail from my wonderful sister-in-law!

While this card was sent to me BEFORE the Birthday Wishes project...I think I will make it the first piece of snail mail in my project anyway. It was the first piece of snail mail that I received as a surprise in a long time and if I had to say it - it is probably that single piece of mail that gave me the idea for my blog.

I don't have a scanner here at home - so the closest thing you will get is a picture. We live in Jasper, TX and she has had to go away to training in Austin, TX. She was gone for about 2 weeks when my husband and I received it. I loved receiving it more than she will ever know.

Thanks Amanda for that card - in case you ever read this, I really did like it. 

I promise I'll do a better job at posting item #2. My camera needed to be charged and all I had was my phone camera.

I'm going to log now - but not before my "final thought" a la Jerry Springer. Ha-ha!

Ever since I started swapping and writing letters the past few days - I have been super excited to get home from work and check the mail...I can't wait till I start receiving mail from those that I have sent something to.

Then, I'm excited to log on to all my pen pal and postcard websites to see what's going on. I love curling up on the sofa with my lap top and my puppies all snuggled up with me - checking to see what's happening and finding more people to write to.

I am really glad to have found something to be so excited about, and although my DH teases me...he is truly excited for me. I needed this. Thank you to all my readers - those of you that follow and those of you that don't.

Happy mailing!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hey Hey! What do you say!?

Ok let me just start by saying that I am SUPER excited about having not ONE but TWO comments on my blog already - by complete strangers.

ONE made me incredibly happy - but TWO just multiplied that by....well, two. Lol!

Not to mention - I now have TWO followers...when I saw that I literally danced a little jig with a side of the cabbage patch. All the while giving my DH something else to tease me about. Ha-ha!

So, shout out to Postmuse (who stopped in here AND on and 365Letters!

I have been really tired the past two days - mostly b/c I have been addicted to looking at all the swapping/pen pal/blog sites there are on this topic. Man, I had no idea how much of a hobby this is.

Looking at all these great blogs showcasing the wonderful items they receive...I just keep thinking, "I really need to get some better stationery." I mean I love all kinds of office supplies and papers - but there are some hardcore writers out there. It's amazing all the different things I have been seeing. I can't wait to see all the letters and postcards I receive. *clapping hands in excitement*

I made a trip to the post office today (to drop off my letters from last night and 2011 Letters Project package) and while waiting in line I looked to the left and saw the USA Philatelic (also never new this existed) and it was almost like a found a new little jewel. That will be my reading material before bed...hope I can wait that long.

Well, mostly I just wanted today's post to be a "thank you".

Thank you to my two comment posters, thank you two my two followers, and thank you to my friend on the postcrossing forum that will be sending a card to my real life friend. I can't want to send her grandmother something in return.

Thank you so much!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Today - with a Side of Random Act of Smileness.

Today, I took my first three random letters and 1 package to the post office. I get there and everything is dark and locked up - DUH it's President's day. A national holiday - no mail! Dang! I was really excited about getting my items mailed out.

I dropped the letters in the drop box and sadly took my package for the back to the car. I have all kinds of goodies I wanted to get out there...oh well one more day won't hurt.

Not to mention - knowing that I had to go back to the post office tomorrow gave me a great feeling, BECAUSE I got to get more random addresses to send postcards and letters to!

So, if you are registered with - I took a few addresses and decided to send you something.

J. Stone
Dawni Plaistow
Emma Peabody
Sheila J
Misty Davis
2011 Letter Projects

Be on the lookout!

I also - decided to create a random act of smileness. I have a former employer who is going through a very hard time right now and now to top it off - she has received news that her mother has cancer.

I sent her a random anonymous card - thanking her for everything thing she has done for me and wrote an inspiring quote in it. I'll be mailing that out to her tomorrow as well.

I posted this on but if you are interested and want to send her a really uplifting note, letter, postcard anonymously - I think she would really appreciate it.

And since it is anonymous and she will not know where it came from - I will send you a little something in return as a "thank you" gesture.

Simply email me at or just post that you are interested in the comment section and I will email you her address.

I think she truly deserves a smile in this hard time.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project Number One - Birthday Wishes!

Well, here is my first post...and with this post I'm adding my first snail mail project.

I am a married 30 year old female from Jasper, TX (a small East Texas town). I was born and raised in Houston, TX (a much bigger city) and I moved with my husband to his home town of Jasper 1 year ago.

I turn 31 this year (May 16th to be exact) and this year I'd like to do something different. I love receiving snail mail as well as learning about other cultures and places. I a birthday present to myself...I'd like to receive something via the post office from all over the world.

Now here is the catch....I'd like to receive 31 items...whether they be postcards, letters, pictures of your country or culture related items. Tell me a little about yourself, where you live, or anything of that nature. I will not dictate what is sent to me....but I will promise that I will send you something in return as well. I will try to base what I send you on what info you place in your writings....say for instance you mention you like frogs...I'll be sure to mail you something with frogs in mind. I will also scan or take photos of what you send and place it here so that others may enjoy it also. After I've received everyones letter or whatever - I will make a scrapbook to keep it all in.

With that being said, here is catch number TWO. I'd also like to receive these 31 mail items no later than May 16th - but it's ok if it doesn't make long as it doesn't exceed 12/31/2011.

Like I said, I really don't have any rules....just that it needs to me by May 16th. I'd like to make lasting friendships and pen pals out of everyone who writes...but if you are not interested in that please let me know you want it to be a one time mailing.

Don't forget to include your address, so that I can send you something in return as well.

Now on to the important matters - below is my address and can be written just as I have written it. I don't mind whether you send something from the US or internationally. I will appreciate and cherish each item.

Maria Medford
13244 HWY 255 W
Jasper, TX 75951

And if you have any questions about anything that has been posted - please email me:

I look forward to reading all your postacrds and letters. Let's keep those postmasters employed! Thanks!