Saturday, March 12, 2011

Paperback Swap

Hey guys - I just wanted to inform everyone that a while back I joined PaperBackSwap. I've never really added or requested books from it.

But as I'm doing a little "spring cleaning" I am coming to terms with having to let some of my books go. There are just too many. I have a habit of checking out discount tables at book stores and buying, buying, buying. Right now I have a stack of about 20 I need to work my way through still...and I'm being told by my DH that I am to buy no more until I start reading some of the ones I have "collected". Of course, I don't listen well....but what a great idea to post them on PaperBackSwap so that someone else can enjoy them AND I can receive credits for new ones. :o)

Here is my profile page if any of you are interested with a list of what I have to offer so far:

(Please note, my address on PaperBackSwap is incorrect. I have to wait for the site admins to change it.)

Order the book (it's free of course - as long as you have credits) and I'll send it out right away.

Just another easy way to get some snail mail. Once you get the books, they are yours to keep. Check it out.

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