Sunday, March 27, 2011

Abandonment Issues!

I have never had seperation anxiety as much as I have had this past week!

Last weekend we made a trip to Houston. We went to see Brad Paisley at the Rodeo, had one of my dogs fixed, and visited with family and friends. It was exhausting! So through Monday night I did not have access to my laptop and only posted on my facebook through my cell phone....even that was rare!

Then we came home and had to keep an eye on our beloved Hurley. So, we stayed off the computers aside from my husband setting up my laptop to play "Lost" through Netflix on our big screen. SO, of course there went my posting.

It killed me - especially since new followers have joined on. Thank you guys so much for joining by the way!

Last Wednesday (as my husband watched MORE "Lost") - I responded to all the mail I have received so be on the lookout!! Keep your eyes posted for your mail person. I mailed it all Thursday morning.

I should have taken pics! Kicking myself now.

Last August I was in an automobile accident (someone ran a stop sign), and my BABY was totaled. She was the first car I had ever paid off fully on my own - a 2002 Mercury Cougar 75th Edition). So, I had no note...well, with the settlement from the car we were able to afford another used vehicle that we love...a small SUV type vehicle...WITH NO NOTE.

Well, I still have a settlement coming for the injury side of it as well...and I have been going back in forth with the insurance company. All in all - I wanted to say I have not abandoned you - I've just been extremely busy but I back in full effect now...for the most part!

Look for more to come....


  1. Hope you're all recovered from the accident, and best of luck dealing with the insurance company.

    And lots of love to Hurley!!

  2. Hello? I'm beginning to fret. Are you okay, Maria?

  3. I'm great....we've just been super busy. It's been one thing after another. Last night we had hot water heater issues. No fear, I'm still here.