Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am so ashamed!

I missed a post....yesterday 3.7.2011!! I am so very sorry....I even had some good mail. I'll get to that in my next few posts. Actually....I will post it all in one I think. No, no...multiple. (Can you tell I have a time making up my mind?)

Ok so first off - we have TWO new followers!! I'm pretty excited about that alone!

So everyone say hello to katikatzenfreak and Choco223....they don't have a blog of their own...so I hope they accept this as their hello:

"HELLO!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!"

And give a wonderful hello to - Yunims, she DOES have her own blog and while she is not a follower...she did take a moment to comment on my page with a beautifully romantic story. Please visit her blog and say hello.

Also received a comment from NOPOSTONSUNDAY, thank you for the advice.

You know - before I sat down to write this post, I had so much to say....lol. As I go on, I'm forgetting.

I had two good mail days both yesterday and today...I really need to get it all together and write, write, write.

Ok I have two more posts in which I am going to feature my incoming mail...so be on the lookout. And - if I think of something else I'm sure I will make another post.

Write your hearts out!

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