Monday, February 21, 2011

Today - with a Side of Random Act of Smileness.

Today, I took my first three random letters and 1 package to the post office. I get there and everything is dark and locked up - DUH it's President's day. A national holiday - no mail! Dang! I was really excited about getting my items mailed out.

I dropped the letters in the drop box and sadly took my package for the back to the car. I have all kinds of goodies I wanted to get out there...oh well one more day won't hurt.

Not to mention - knowing that I had to go back to the post office tomorrow gave me a great feeling, BECAUSE I got to get more random addresses to send postcards and letters to!

So, if you are registered with - I took a few addresses and decided to send you something.

J. Stone
Dawni Plaistow
Emma Peabody
Sheila J
Misty Davis
2011 Letter Projects

Be on the lookout!

I also - decided to create a random act of smileness. I have a former employer who is going through a very hard time right now and now to top it off - she has received news that her mother has cancer.

I sent her a random anonymous card - thanking her for everything thing she has done for me and wrote an inspiring quote in it. I'll be mailing that out to her tomorrow as well.

I posted this on but if you are interested and want to send her a really uplifting note, letter, postcard anonymously - I think she would really appreciate it.

And since it is anonymous and she will not know where it came from - I will send you a little something in return as a "thank you" gesture.

Simply email me at or just post that you are interested in the comment section and I will email you her address.

I think she truly deserves a smile in this hard time.


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  1. Thanks for reminding us all to save snail mail! Love your site's background! Will send something by surface mail to the address you posted. Thanks again.