Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two and Three

I got it! I got it! Some very fun snail mail today!

TWO postcards - one from Fast Eyes and the other from Ms. Laura Eilers, both from SENDSOMETHING!!

The one on the left is from Fast Eyes. Beautiful and I'm assuming she made it. The one on the right, equally as awesome - is from Ms. Laura Eilers. Both put my handwriting to shame. I love them both...and I will be sending something their way!

Fellow followers - if you want, click on their names above to check out their profiles and send something their way.

Thank you two!


  1. Hi Maria
    i found your blog via Misty's. Look for a letter coming your way. I love to receive letters......don't we all!
    I liked your day of excitment consisting of washing the dogs. I also had a crazy week and the idea of relaxing and enjoying the small comforts of home sounds so inviting. The letter will becoming from Canada so be patient.
    Your fellow snail mail enthusiast,
    Wanda D ( you can find me on send something if yu search my name)

  2. Hey Wanda! Thanks. I'll send you a little something too. Misty's blog is great isn't it!?

  3. Hello Maria,
    Your letter arrived today, beautiful envelope and writing paper. Thanks so much! Wanda