Sunday, February 27, 2011

Question for All My Snail Mail Bloggers

I really need to get a system down for keeping track of incoming/outgoing mail.

Any suggestions? Do you track yours? Or how do you keep it all straight?

Here's another question...if you make your own postcards - do you print them out from home? Or do you print them from an online site? And if so - which do you suggest? And if you print them - what kind of paper or photo paper do you print them on?

I was playing around with my Adobe Photoshop Program last night and while I don't use it that often - I did manage to create a 4x6 postcard and I love it....I just don't have a printing option as my printer is not up and running. I'm not even sure it works anymore. :o)

Anyway, get back to me. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thanks!


  1. I am also looking for a good advice on how to keep track of my mail, so if you find out anything, keep me posted :)

  2. I make my postcards on 4x6" card stock, but I make them all by hand. If you wanted to print your cards you could ask a copy store how to do it. They should be able to let you email the file to them.

    As for how to organize, I put all of my mail into a huge empty cookie tin. I have in divided into "photo" (for the blog), "respond," and "done." I need a better system, it's still more chaotic than I would like.

  3. I keep track of my mail in a small notebook. I'm on version 4 or 5 now, but I record each day's incoming and outgoing in separate sections. I do the incoming all at once, and the outcoming as I do them. (Reading and logging my mail is a beloved daily ritual.)

    For sent, I list who it's going to, what stationery used, and what stamps I used.

    For received, I list who it's from, where they sent it from, postmark date (if it's there), their own date (if they list it on the letter), and whether it's a postcard, letter, or package.

    I did a blog post about my letter journal a couple of years ago, but my system has evolved over time. (It's become a source of great fascination, for example, to record the postmark date along with the received date. I can spot some trends for which countries I receive mail from faster, and such.)

    My printer cannot produce postcards of the quality that I want, so I either buy them professionally printed, or have them printed through (OK) or (best quality, but on the expensive side).

  4. I don't have nearly the volume of mail incoming or outgoing as Missive Maven, so my system is pretty simple. I photocopy all my outgoing mail with any envelope/postcard designs. For incoming, it goes into a large hatbox, rubberbanded together with all there other mail from the sender. If there's not really a strong mail relationship, then letters/postcards are groups by social network (i.e.: college, India, Send Something).

    I appreciate having records of all my outgoing mail, but it's a time consuming process and does sometimes delay trip to the mailbox

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