Monday, February 28, 2011

Busy As a Bee!

Evening fellow snail mail lovers!

I am exhausted - Monday's are so busy where I work, most of the time it's non-stop go go go.

Had dinner with my husband's family - and now that I am home, I just want to go to bed early. Well, early for me. I'm a night owl - or maybe I just have sleep issues. Ha-ha! Who knows!?

Let's see - I'm playing around in EXCEL trying to make a fairly easy tracking system form. But, all I can really do is think about how busy my weekend will be.

It's my sister-in-laws birthday and we have a planned poker night with much fun. We will be having steaks!! Yum....and the chef is said to have the best steaks...but I still think my dad wins that title, but we will see.

My husband wants me to make a cheesecake, now I accomplished this feat over the holidays last year and ever since then he loves when I make it.

Catch is - also over the holiday our glass oven door exploded. So, everything we have been cooking has been on stove top. I have a co-worker who is selling her old stove to us because she has bought a brand new one.

Lol - My DH has instructed me that we are too pick this "new to us" stove up on Friday - so that I will have plenty of time to bake a cheesecake for Saturday's poker night. Aren't they wonderful those DHs? I guess I should be happy that he just loves my cheesecakes so much.

Then I had two tutu order's come in on top of the two I already need to make this weekend. Yes, aside from loving snail mail - I make tutu's for a little extra cash. I placed a link on the right in case you care to look or might need one.

The only true exhausting part is having to drive about 45 minutes to the nearest town to get the colors I need.

It's really not too bad if I just plan it all right. But, I sure did love that "do nothing weekend" I just had. When can I have more of those?

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