Monday, February 28, 2011

Outgoing 2/28/2011

Check out the pic of tomorrow's outgoing mail!! I'm excited for them to receive my letters!!

I also - learned how to make envelopes out of paper and magazine pages. However, I'm not sure how the later will withstand the traveling.

Thanks to Missive Maven on the organization tips....I almost hate that I have to sleep so I can work tomorrow. Otherwise, I'd be working on my very own "system" TONIGHT!


  1. Oh pretty! Yours went out in the mail today!

  2. Ha-Ha I sent one to you too Wanda - we might get them at the same time.

  3. Dear Beautiful Mary.....

    I just blogwalking. See envelopes that reminds me when things like that ever became an important part of my life. Now is not necessarily a week one time, I saw the postman through the front of my house. I always hope to got a letter from my lover few years ago. We have been married and has two children at this time. But if my husband was mad at me, he would write a letter and then go to the post office. The next day I would receive a letter, the postman will look at me with a sense of wonder, because the address of the sender and recipient of the same letter. Now I understand that the way my husband reminded me of when going out first. And the fight was over. Nice to be on your blog!!

    Java, Maret 8, 2011
    Yours sincerely