Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Never Fear!!! I am still here!

Missed a blog last night - I do apologize. My husband and I have started watching a tv series called "No Ordinary Family" and I got a little too hooked on it last night.

Still working on the system ... BUT yesterday I did get an extremely cute postcard. Thank you Felicity.

That makes number 4! I will be writing you back.

I've got two postcards going out tomorrow for a Swap-Bot postcard swap and I received an email that a pc I sent to the Philippines arrived and was registered on Postcrossing. YAY!! I love knowing that someone received my mail.

(Outgoing for 3.3.2011)


  1. And I got your letter yesterday. Sweet timing, haha. : )

  2. I do like it - ordinary super heroes. I may be a nerd but I like stuff about super heroes and I sometimes wish I had secret powers lol.