Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dancing again today!

Hey all my wonderful followers! All THREE of you!! I'm so excited just to have one more. Welcome to the blog Sammie - I hope you enjoy it!

Ok tonight's post will be quite short! I am going to try and stick with this and post EVERY day. BUT I do have to be up extra early for work tomorrow and I want to put in some time writing.

I am working on letters to TWO people from SENDSOMETHING tonight.

Sybelle Darling and Larissa Handeland be on the look-out.

I haven't received my first piece of mail yet - well not from any new pen pals...HOWEVER a few days before I started Project Number 1 - I did receive a postcard in the mail from my wonderful sister-in-law!

While this card was sent to me BEFORE the Birthday Wishes project...I think I will make it the first piece of snail mail in my project anyway. It was the first piece of snail mail that I received as a surprise in a long time and if I had to say it - it is probably that single piece of mail that gave me the idea for my blog.

I don't have a scanner here at home - so the closest thing you will get is a picture. We live in Jasper, TX and she has had to go away to training in Austin, TX. She was gone for about 2 weeks when my husband and I received it. I loved receiving it more than she will ever know.

Thanks Amanda for that card - in case you ever read this, I really did like it. 

I promise I'll do a better job at posting item #2. My camera needed to be charged and all I had was my phone camera.

I'm going to log now - but not before my "final thought" a la Jerry Springer. Ha-ha!

Ever since I started swapping and writing letters the past few days - I have been super excited to get home from work and check the mail...I can't wait till I start receiving mail from those that I have sent something to.

Then, I'm excited to log on to all my pen pal and postcard websites to see what's going on. I love curling up on the sofa with my lap top and my puppies all snuggled up with me - checking to see what's happening and finding more people to write to.

I am really glad to have found something to be so excited about, and although my DH teases me...he is truly excited for me. I needed this. Thank you to all my readers - those of you that follow and those of you that don't.

Happy mailing!

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