Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project Number One - Birthday Wishes!

Well, here is my first post...and with this post I'm adding my first snail mail project.

I am a married 30 year old female from Jasper, TX (a small East Texas town). I was born and raised in Houston, TX (a much bigger city) and I moved with my husband to his home town of Jasper 1 year ago.

I turn 31 this year (May 16th to be exact) and this year I'd like to do something different. I love receiving snail mail as well as learning about other cultures and places. I a birthday present to myself...I'd like to receive something via the post office from all over the world.

Now here is the catch....I'd like to receive 31 items...whether they be postcards, letters, pictures of your country or culture related items. Tell me a little about yourself, where you live, or anything of that nature. I will not dictate what is sent to me....but I will promise that I will send you something in return as well. I will try to base what I send you on what info you place in your writings....say for instance you mention you like frogs...I'll be sure to mail you something with frogs in mind. I will also scan or take photos of what you send and place it here so that others may enjoy it also. After I've received everyones letter or whatever - I will make a scrapbook to keep it all in.

With that being said, here is catch number TWO. I'd also like to receive these 31 mail items no later than May 16th - but it's ok if it doesn't make long as it doesn't exceed 12/31/2011.

Like I said, I really don't have any rules....just that it needs to me by May 16th. I'd like to make lasting friendships and pen pals out of everyone who writes...but if you are not interested in that please let me know you want it to be a one time mailing.

Don't forget to include your address, so that I can send you something in return as well.

Now on to the important matters - below is my address and can be written just as I have written it. I don't mind whether you send something from the US or internationally. I will appreciate and cherish each item.

Maria Medford
13244 HWY 255 W
Jasper, TX 75951

And if you have any questions about anything that has been posted - please email me:

I look forward to reading all your postacrds and letters. Let's keep those postmasters employed! Thanks!


  1. great idea. The next snail mail swap will probably start in March!

  2. Hi, I just found your blog via The Pen Thief. I will send you something soon. : )

  3. Felicity -Thanks! I can't wait!

    Kimberly - I will definitely have to keep an eye out for it.

  4. Welcome to the mail blogging world, Maria.

    I guarantee you that if you keep blogging regularly about mail, you will receive well over your requested 31 items in the next couple of months.

    Best wishes and good luck!