Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hey Hey! What do you say!?

Ok let me just start by saying that I am SUPER excited about having not ONE but TWO comments on my blog already - by complete strangers.

ONE made me incredibly happy - but TWO just multiplied that by....well, two. Lol!

Not to mention - I now have TWO followers...when I saw that I literally danced a little jig with a side of the cabbage patch. All the while giving my DH something else to tease me about. Ha-ha!

So, shout out to Postmuse (who stopped in here AND on sendsomething.net) and 365Letters!

I have been really tired the past two days - mostly b/c I have been addicted to looking at all the swapping/pen pal/blog sites there are on this topic. Man, I had no idea how much of a hobby this is.

Looking at all these great blogs showcasing the wonderful items they receive...I just keep thinking, "I really need to get some better stationery." I mean I love all kinds of office supplies and papers - but there are some hardcore writers out there. It's amazing all the different things I have been seeing. I can't wait to see all the letters and postcards I receive. *clapping hands in excitement*

I made a trip to the post office today (to drop off my letters from last night and 2011 Letters Project package) and while waiting in line I looked to the left and saw the USA Philatelic (also never new this existed) and it was almost like a found a new little jewel. That will be my reading material before bed...hope I can wait that long.

Well, mostly I just wanted today's post to be a "thank you".

Thank you to my two comment posters, thank you two my two followers, and thank you to my friend on the postcrossing forum that will be sending a card to my real life friend. I can't want to send her grandmother something in return.

Thank you so much!

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