Thursday, March 10, 2011

Incoming 3.10.2011

You guys are making it hard to keep up!! But I LOVE it!

Here's my beautiful mail from today!

LOVE the McDonald's bag as an envelope....I have some creative blog followers. Thank you for the envelopes, Just Letter Rip. Just amazing!

And look at that adorable face on that return mailing address label! So cute!

That brings me up to 11 for my 31 goal!

I love it and I need to get back to writing....I've got so much to go out! I'm sorry my posts aren't THAT exciting lately...I've been having to work double time at co-worker is out and where normally I would handle 3 nurses I'm handling 6! Talk about a lot of paperwork...I am drained!!

I'm off to read of few of you gals blogs and then I'm back to letter writing!

Keep that ink flowing!

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  1. Just heard about your site from Postmuse on mailart365 and I've started following you. Eek! Scary! I may even drop something into your letterbox if you don't mind