Monday, August 4, 2014

Rubber're the one!

I recently joined (Well, I say recently but I've been on the site for a while - just now got into it.) a site called SwapBot. (Find the link over to the right >>> of this post.) It is free to join and you can read a number of "swaps" and decide to join one if you want. I joined one called, "Rubber Duckie on the Road". Basically, you join and you get a rubber duck and you take a couple of pics - put it in a photo album. Ship the album and duck to your assigned partner, where they will take pics of the duck in 4 places of their choice and ship it to their partner. This is done 6 times resulting in you receiving your original duck with an album full of new pics of the places it's been.
I received my 1st duck today! His name is Sigmund and he is from Pennsylvania. I can't wait to run him around town and see what trouble we can get in to! I will keep you guys posted on the duck travels.

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